Cost Comparisons

PVC vs Ductile Iron Pipe Installed Cost Comparison Calculator


Detention & Retention System Design Tool
JM Eagle Flow Rate and Head Loss Calculator (PVC/PE)
Pressure Drop and Flow Rate Calculator (PVC/PE)
Pressure Water Flow (PE)
Gravity Water Flow (PE)
Reynolds Number: Flow conditions and viscosity (PVC/PE)
Water Hammer (PE)


Uni-Bell External Load Design/Buried Pipe Design Software (PVC/PE)
Pipe Diameter Calculator (PVC/PE)
Thrust Restraint Calculator (PVC)
Minimum Bending Radius (PE)
Trench Width (PE)


HDD with PPI BoreAid (PE)
Safe Pull Force (PE)
Safe Pull Length (PE)


Low Pressure Gas Flow (PE)
High Pressure Gas Flow (PE)