Prolonged freezing temps spur plague of area water main breaks

March 2018

Here’s another article attesting to PVC pipe’s great performance in cold weather. Note the second quote which says that DI pipe is rigid and also tends to break frequently under constant, extreme conditions (in this case cold) just like its predecessor Cast Iron pipe.

St. Louis County, MO Replacing Rigid Iron Pipes with PVC, Which Performs Better in Extreme Cold

"Given the region's aging infrastructure, the ice cold water running through steel pipes causes some constrictions and then fractures. We're replacing those pipes with PVC, which doesn't result in the same situation," said Brian Russell, Missouri American Water External Affairs Manager.

"Aging pipe material, the majority being cast iron and ductile iron, are rigid, especially in comparison to our recent practices of installing PVC, and tend to break frequently under constant, extreme conditions." -- Clarence Patterson, Water Superintendent for Kirkwood.

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