Safe Drinking Water Should Be a Priority for Trump

August 2018

There's nothing more important than public health.

As such, President Donald Trump must make good on his promise to fix America's failing infrastructure — including dilapidated water systems, such as the one in Flint, Michigan, which has poisoned thousands of fellow Americans.

Who cares about launching Space Force, Trump's latest pet project, when right here on Earth, millions of Americans can't drink safe water from their own taps?

Or in schools, for that matter.

Take Detroit. This week, the superintendent of its schools had to shut off drinking fountains in all of the district's schools because of high lead and copper levels found in the water systems. Is this how the most industrialized nation in the world wants to welcome children back to school, with either tainted tap water or no access to water at all during a hot summer month thanks to decaying infrastructure?

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