Trump and Pelosi want infrastructure in next coronavirus bill

April 2020

“That would be to do infrastructure for water systems, they’re so essential,” Nancy Pelosi said, “broadband because so many people are relying on telecommunications and social media and the rest, and other aspects of infrastructure that will help get us through all of this, as we proceed with issues that relate to surface transportation and the rest.”

The last time they saw each other she tore up his speech. But now House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and President Trump are reading from the same script.

Pelosi and Trump say they want major infrastructure spending in the next coronavirus bill, which is expected to emerge in the House as early as this month.

Trump set aside a bitter feud over impeachment after watching Pelosi on TV Tuesday morning. She said she wanted a “recovery” deal that includes infrastructure.

It was music to the real estate developer’s ears. Trump tweeted that “she wasn’t bad.”

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