Trump expected to sign Barrasso’s water infrastructure bill

October 2018

The Senate passed legislation last week with strong bipartisan support that would help local communities improve access to water for drinking, waste treatment and irrigation.

The America’s Water Infrastructure Act would Wyoming to make more use of the underutilized Fontanelle Dam, for instance.

“President Trump called on Congress to take action on the country’s water infrastructure and we have done that today,” Sen. John Barrasso said after the bill passed the Senate with a 99-1 vote. “America’s Water Infrastructure Act will cut Washington red tape, grow the nation’s economy, and help keep communities safe. It will create jobs, reduce the deficit, and give local stakeholders more control of projects. This bipartisan legislation will help communities in Wyoming by increasing water storage, fixing irrigation systems, addressing the maintenance needs of older dams, and by finding a permanent solution for flooding caused by ice jams.”

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